David Morgan

David Morgan

Chief Executive Officer of Artibus Innovation

David has an extensive understanding of training package design, structure, development and implementation gained through his former role leading a former Industry Training Advisory Board (ITAB) and as consultant to many Industry Skills Councils. Importantly, when leading the ITAB he was deeply involved in the development and implementation of 15 national training packages across the Arts, Printing, Sport & Recreation, ICT and Contact Centre industries. In his current role at The Work Lab, David has been instrumental in the development of a range of software and data services that utilise training package content. These services have underpinned the delivery of a number of large scale public skill intervention services such as Skilling Solutions Queensland, the Victorian Skill Store initiative and TradeSet – Trades Recognition Australia skills assessments of 457 migrants entering Australia.



Title: Compliance isn't just for RTOs - reflections from the new SSO on the block

Duration: 18 min (03:50 PM - 04:08 PM)

Key points:

  • What we didn't know when we started
  • The Built Environment - what's happening
  • The 49 steps of Training Package Development 
  • Case study - Security Operations
  • Stakeholder management - herding cats
  • Process management to achieve compliance
  • Squeezing policy to better the outcome