Dr Bryan West

Dr Bryan West

Founder and Managing Director of Fortress Learning

Dr Bryan West is Founder and Managing Director of Fortress Learning (RTO. 31974). Founded in 2009, Fortress Learning has specialised in the delivery of TAA and TAE programs. His working life has spanned both private and public sectors, and primary through to tertiary and community education.  In recent years, Dr West has initiated a program of empirical research in VET that spans both domestic and international domains.


Title: Entrenching compliance leads to better performance

Duration: 18 min (11:30 AM - 11:48 AM)

Compliance does not have to be an add-on that hinders performance.  Fortress Learning’s Compliance Framework is embedded within the standard operating processes; ensuring that all roles – and all people – are directly contributing to compliance and in a way that is highly transparent and ensures rapid incremental improvements in response to immediate needs.  Over time, this has led to clear benefits both in terms of student experience and operational efficiency.  This presentation will provide a rapid reconnaissance of how Fortress Learning’s operations are structured to enable this.