Angela Connell

Angela Connell

CEO of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting

Angela has been working in the training industry for over 20 years in the capacity of Training Coordinator, Trainer/Assessor, RTO Manager and CEO. During that time, she has owned and operated two of her own successful RTOs, this is where Angela first gained first-hand experience in effectively navigating the complexities of balancing RTO compliance with business success.

As the CEO of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting, which has been servicing the training industry since 2009, Angela provides innovative tools and comprehensive on-going support to ensure that not only will a Training Organisation be deemed compliant but will also thrive within the industry. 


Title: How much training is enough?

Duration: 18 min (11:48AM - 12:06PM)

When the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 was released there was an uproar within the VET community, especially if you were applying for initial registration or an Addition to scope and had to comply with the new Volume of Learning requirements, whilst competing with the rest of the VET market who were still delivering way below the required timeframes stipulated within the Volume of Learning requirements.

The implementation of Volume of Learning has certainly improved training within the VET sector, with more time being allowed for the delivery of training, but is it relevant to all qualifications? When you consider the difference in units between two AQF level qualifications such as a Certificate III in Business (12 UoCs) and Certificate III in Hairdressing (28 UoCs), which begs to ask, how much training is enough?