Steven Hodge

Steven Hodge

Senior Lecturer at Griffith University

Dr Steven Hodge is a researcher specialising in competency-based education and training. His research and writing revolve around how expertise in occupations is captured (or not) in competency-based systems like Australia's Training Packages. A closely related concern for Steven is how trainers use Training Packages to develop programs of learning and assessment. His research raises questions about how well equipped Australian trainers are to unpack units of competency. 

In more recent research, Steven has explored the potential limitations of the competency approach for training in complex work environments. He is currently engaged in the challenge of retaining the benefits of the competency approach while better representing the subtleties of occupational expertise.

Before moving into the world of research, Steven worked in both private and public VET providers designing programs, developing resources, training trainers and managing training. Apart from research work he currently teaches in Griffith University’s Master of Training and Development program. 

Presentation Details

Title: Challenges of using Training Packages for quality training

Duration: 35 min (1:30PM - 2:05PM)

Australian Training Packages are intended to guide design and development of quality training. They are supposed to achieve this in key ways, including taking current occupational practice as the source of information, and presenting this information in ways that foster consistent implementation. This presentation questions some of these assumptions. It is argued that our current challenge is how to preserve the benefits of Training Packages while innovating to improve their power to represent occupations, their capacity for serving lifelong learners, and their ability to engage trainers at a high level.