Managing Assessment Validations

Gain skills, knowledge, resources, and understand 
the process required to manage quality validations 
to meet the requirements of the Standards for RTOs
Ensure compliance with clauses 1.9 – 1.11
Implement a plan for ongoing systematic validation of assessment practices and judgements for all your training products
What to expect
What to expect
This program will give you effective tools (templates, checklists and procedures) to help you manage a systematic validation of assessment practices and judgements. You will learn how to prepare risk-based validation schedules, create relevant validation panels, run validation events and record validation outcomes.

Compliance fundamentals
You will access our online learning program, which will help you to develop and refresh fundamental concepts of competency-based assessments, Principles of Assessments and Rules of Evidence.

The online program includes educational videos, templates, quizzes and other relevant resources.

This full day workshop is designed to develop your skills to plan, implement and record assessment validations. 

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to create a validation schedule for five years and participate in an assessment validation session.

You will use Insources assessment validation templates and tutorials.