Annual Declaration on Compliance 2020

Eliminate the fear of non-compliance and submit your Declaration with peace of mind.

Every year, before March 31st, CEOs must complete their “Annual Declaration on Compliance" on ASQA's website. This training program will provide you with the skills, knowledge and resources to monitor the status of your RTO's compliance, following ASQA's guidelines.
What to expect
This program will give you effective tools (templates, checklists, procedures) to help you prepare an accurate declaration, monitor all aspects of your RTO’s performance, analyse compliance status and provide evidence-based answers to complete the Declaration form.

Compliance fundamentals
You will access our online learning program, which will help you to develop and refresh fundamental concepts of an RTO’s quality and compliance requirements. 

The online program includes educational videos, templates, quizzes and other relevant resources.

This full day workshop is designed to develop your skills to monitor compliance and ensure your Annual Declaration on Compliance is based on evidence collected about the RTO’s systems, practices and results.

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to identify the most suitable strategies for your RTO to manage compliance.

You will use Insources Compliance Dashboard and other relevant tools, to effectively complete the Declaration and ensure the information provided to the regulator is accurate.

Course follow-up
During the workshop, you will develop an Action Plan, including all steps required to ensure your RTO’s compliance monitoring strategies are aligned with the Annual Declaration on Compliance, and the CEO has access to required information when needed.

You are encouraged to implement the Action Plan within four weeks (after the workshop). The program facilitator will continue to provide support through the online platform, to ensure the successful completion of your Action Plan.