Serryn O'Regan<br><span class='designation'>Executive Manager Governance & General Counsel of Evolve College</span>

Serryn O'Regan
Executive Manager Governance & General Counsel of Evolve College

Leading with Quality Indicators: How do you do it?


Speaker Biography

Serryn O'Regan has 25+ years experience in business and law and has been a senior executive in vocational education for six years. Having led deals worth up to A$2.4 B, and worked in 3 heavily regulated industries, Serryn is adept at navigating a complex environment, and making it all about quality. She has been named by ASQA previous Chief Commissioner as an exemplar in education (at the Velg National VET Conference 2019), and is absolutely committed to vocational education and its value to the Australian public. Serryn has led global educational campaigns for a renowned charity based in Washington DC, which charity currently involves 1 billion people worldwide in its activities. She is regularly asked to consult and speak both in Australia and internationally, drawing on her extensive experience and expertise in the education space, and the difference she brings. Serryn sits on the ITECA NSW State Committee, and she is also a member of the NSW Law Society Ethics Committee and Senior Solicitors Panel (which advises on professional conduct matters). She is an official mentor to lawyers for Australian Corporate Counsel and was shortlisted for Corporate Counsel of the Year in 2018.