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Develop the competencies required to support self-assurance on compliance.

The demand for talented individuals at all levels of internal auditing far exceeds the supply. In fact, auditing is widely regarded as a prestigious and a high-profile profession.

Compliance continues to be a major concern for the boards, CEOs and senior management of most organisations. There are increasing risks associated with new levels of complexity and the pace of changes in legislative and regulatory requirements.

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It is important to have a range of relevant professional development opportunities for vocational trainers and practitioners in areas such as: diversity, equity and inclusion. Equally important is having a commitment from the sector’s leaders, including managers and training designers, to take the conversation on diversity and equity out of the PD space and bring these practices into a holistic approach to training and assessment strategies.

Andrea DiMatteo (from DiMatteo Consulting) listed four key areas that can help bridge the gap between learning and putting that knowledge into practice: curiosity, disruption, safety and repetition. Let’s introduce those areas!