Why Attend

Why Attend?

The VET Policy and Compliance Summit is the largest event for RTOs CEOs, managers, consultants, and VET quality and compliance professionals in Australia. It will provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and solutions you need to effectively manage quality and compliance.

If you operate an RTO, or you are part of the management team of an RTO, you will understand just how important developing and implementing successful strategies, managing performance and monitoring compliance, is to your business.

The VET Policy and Compliance Summit 2021 covers all areas of RTO’s compliance and provides in-depth guidance for what you need to know. You will walk away with updated information, skills and tools to effectively manage compliance, and the risks associated to potential non-compliances.


The right mix of Keynotes and TED Talks

We are changing the way compliance events are delivered in Australia. Quality and compliance can be daunting and difficult to assimilate, even for a captive audience, so this year we are introducing the concise TED Talks presentation style into our Summit.

The program includes 4 Keynotes (45 minutes duration including 10 minutes Q&A), 9 TED Talk presentation (18 minutes duration), and 2 Panel Q&A sessions; providing a dynamic and engaging event built around ASQA’s five phases of students’ experience.

Relevant and timely information

Every year by 31 March RTOs must complete the annual declaration on compliance. CEOs submit a declaration confirming to ASQA that they have systematically monitored the RTO’s compliance with the Standards and any issues have been identified.

Our Speakers will share up-to-date information about VET Quality and Compliance requirements, industry trends and best practices, that can be applied immediately to successfully manage an RTO, and provide you peace of mind when completing the CEO’s Annual Declaration on Compliance.


Top Reasons to Attend

  • Largest Policy and Compliance event in Australia
  • Learn directly from the source (regulators, policy makers, recognised consultants, and key stakeholders)
  • 2 pre-Summit workshops
  • 4 Keynotes, 9 presentations, 2 panel Q&A sessions covering every aspect of an RTO’s compliance
  • Network with speakers and other CEOs and Managers from leading RTOs around Australia
  • EXPO featuring core products for RTOs.

VET Policy & Compliance Summit 2021

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Timely information:
Every year by 31 March RTOs must complete the annual declaration on compliance. The Annual VET Policy and Compliance Summit will address all aspects of this declaration.
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Attendees will have the opportunity to reach out to speakers, authorities, and peers from around Australia who are facing the same challenges as your RTO.
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Policy / Compliance tools:
Attendees will walk away with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively manage compliance and gain momentum to achieve enduring growth

Who should attend?

If you own an RTO, or work for an RTO as CEO, Manager, or as part of the support team in quality and compliance, you can’t miss this event.

Compliance is everyone’s job. This event will be of great benefit to:
  • RTO owners, CEOs, Managers
  • Administrative staff, Coordinators
  • Trainers and assessors, senior trainers
  • VET Consultants 
Statistics from participants that attended the previous Annual VET Policy and Compliance Summit 2018 were:
CEOs / RTO Owners / Managers / Coordinators75%
TAFE Managers / Enterprise RTOs15%
Trainers and Assessors10%


96% of participants said they would like to attend in 2019
98% of sponsors were satisfied with their ROI and brand exposure in 2018
84% of 2018 participants were a key decision-maker or influencer in their RTO


The workshops were very useful and meaningful in comparison to the topics of other conferences. I enjoyed this conference a lot, and will be coming back to the next one
I thoroughly enjoyed the event. I identified the sessions that I wanted to attend and was not disappointed. Allowing myself to tailor the program to my specific needs meant that I was fresh for those sessions and took in the learnings. Thank you.
The conference provides an excellent opportunity to connect and discuss common issues and approaches to managing Vocational Education Training quality and compliance.

VET Policy and Compliance Summit 2021

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this exclusive event in 2021! Learn directly from the source (regulators, policy makers, recognised consultants, and key stakeholders)